:+(972)-9-7481550, +(972)-505-882853, +(972)-4-8110598, +(972)-502-397039



Supplement in capsule form , to improve vision and even night vision.

Formulated on anti-oxidants to retard changes due to the aging process.Also promotes total body health/well-being.

Recommended for people whose work requires extended use of computers , fine detail work, etc.

Extract of Bilberry,Zinc,Beta-Carotene,Co- enzyme Q-10, Vitamin B3, Soya

:+(972)-9-7481550, +(972)-505-882853, +(972)-4-8110598, +(972)-502-397039

Sharp eyesight! 
Bilberry Forte
90 capsules

  1. Very effective in improving eyesight
  2. Reduces accumulated stress around eye muscles
  3. Treats eye adaptation to darkness and bright light
  4. Improves the retina's blood transmission and sharp vision
  5. Supplies brain cells with vital ingredients
  6. Protects the retina against cataract disease

Contains: Blueberry Pollen, Ginko Biloba, Beta Carotene, Selenium, a Vegetable Cellulose capsule
Recommended dosage: 1 capsule 3 times a day, 15 minutes before meals
*It is recommended to combine Bilberry Forte with Uni and CO Enzyme Q-10.